We have some awesome workshops lined up for 2019! Come and do classes with some of your favourite Pole Artists and Athletes from all over the world and discover new styles, techniques and disciplines.


Renowned Pole Artists from all over the world come to Polepeople to share their unique expertise and skill. We have already welcomed Bendy Kate, Alex Shchukin, Sarah Scott, Mario Turco, Doris Arnold, Daphne Lux, Jazzy K, Mimi midnight, Dan Rosen and Adam Lin to the studio and look forward to Cheryl Teagann and Anastastia Shukhtorova joining us soon! Come to the workshops to expand your pole practice and get inspired.

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Anastastia is one of the most famous Pole Artists in the world with over 265k followers on Instagram. Born in Russia, it’s in Moscow that she first discovered pole and began her training. 

She started pole dancing at 18 without any prior experience – no sport and no dance background!! She has since trained in pole, aerial silks, ballet, gymnastics, trapeze, contortion and much more and has shown the world that it is possible to manifest goals and dreams if you believe in yourself, even if you have little to no experience. Anastasia continues to travel the world, inspiring people to believe in themselves.


In this workshop Anastasia will share the technique and tricks for performing her favorite intermediate moves. Learn how to make some of her beautiful shapes on the pole and the combos and transitions that go with them.

Anastasia will take requests, so email us to let us know if there are particular moves of hers you’d like to learn.

Suitable for Intermediates and above.


Saturday 31st August, 2019
3 - 4.15 pm

Polepeople Studios, 33-34 Chiswell Street, EC1Y 4SF


The following items are required:


In this ‘Pole Flow’ workshop, Anastastia will share a beautiful routine in her signature lyrical exotic style. Anastastia will teach you how to flow effortlessly around the pole and share some of her unique transitions, tricks and spins.

Please bring knee pads and socks

Level: Intermediates and above


Saturday 31st August, 2019

Polepeople Studios, 33-34 Chiswell Street, EC1Y 4SF


The following items are required:

Cheryl Teagann

We’re delighted to welcome back world class Pole Athlete Cheryl Teagann. Cheryl is a National Level gymnast and winner of multiple pole awards including Miss Pole UK 2016, Miss Pole Doubles 2017, Pole Art Greece doubles 2018. An excellent teacher and super talented performer, Cheryl will give you invaluable tips in this Handstands Workshop. 

'HANDSTANDS' with Cheryl Teagann

Handstands are an amazing way to develop your core strength, balance and proprioception. Developing them will enable you to master harder and more advanced tricks on the pole!

In this workshop Cheryl will share her tips and tricks on how she trained and developed her impressive handstand skills. You will work on core stability, handstand drills, partner practice, wall work and flexibility.

Come and master the skill of being upside down!!

Beginners welcome.


Sunday 15th Sept 2019

Polepeople Studios, Templeton House, 33-34 Chiswell St, EC1Y 4SF


The following items are required: