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Polepeople have pole fitness classes in Liverpool Street, Covent Garden and South Kensington. The biggest variety of classes take place at our own studio in Liverpool Street and we have lots more venues for hen and birthday party classes. Have a look at our list of London Pole Locations.

Polepeople classes are for fun and fitness so everyone is welcome. Men and women are welcome, although most people are women – like in pilates classes and yoga. All our classes have a supportive and friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome no matter what your age, shape or size.

Yes absolutely! Pole fitness can be very dancey or very sporty depending on your style. Obviously we have some great dancers who come to classes, but we also have loads of people who thought they could not dance and who excel at pole dancing. Pole fitness develops your strength and agility so you can perform moves whether you consider yourself a dancer of not. If in doubt, come along to a taster class and see what its all about!

Everyone is welcome no matter what your fitness level. During each 6 week course you’ll find yourself getting fitter and more toned, and discovering muscles you never knew you existed! Pole is incredible for fitness so you’ll be fitter and stronger no matter how fit you were at the start of the course.

If you are unable to come to one of your classes, please let us know with at least 24 hours notice. If you let us know in advance, you are welcome to make up the class on another course. This enables us to give your space to someone else making up a class!

Without this notice, we are unable to offer makeup sessions.

In all 1 hour classes and Pole Choreography Classes, everyone has their own pole. In 1 1/2 hour classes you may share a pole with 1 other person. There’s a max of 2 people per pole so you’ll still have plenty of time to practice.

Shorts and a t-shirt! There’s a reason for shorts – bare legs help you grip the pole. This doesn’t help the ‘scantily clad pole dancer’ image but its actually for practicality. You can do lots of beginner moves in leggings, but the harder tricks have to be performed with bare skin against the pole.

Please don’t! Lotions, creams and oils on the skin get stuck to the pole and make it slippery and therefore much harder to use for you and those after you. We like our poles squeaky clean, no greasy poles here please!

Taster classes are from £18 and beginners courses are from £115. Have a look at our When and Where page for the costs of our different classes

If you give us enough notice, you can of course get a refund! For a full refund, we just need 14 days notice. If you cancel within 14 days, you are welcome to transfer your place onto another course or class. If you decide to cancel within 48 hours, you can only transfer to another course or class if we have a replacement for you [or you have a replacement!]

Express classes are where you have your own pole for every 1 hour class. In non-express classes, the classes are longer [usually 1 1/2 hours] and you share a pole with 1 or 2 other person.

Polepeople Pole Classes take place in Shoreditch, Covent Garden and South Kensington. Have a look on the When and Where page for addresses. For Hen and Birthday Party classes, we have many more venues. Have a look at our Hen Parties page for a list –

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