We sell XPOLES, so if you would like your very own pole for your home you can purchase one from us.


Having your own pole at home is a brilliant way to develop your Pole Practice. X-Poles are fully removeable poles, that do not require any permanent floor or ceiling fixtures. You just need to have a room with a solid floor and ceiling, or a solid ceiling joist.  X-Poles are made secure by tightening them into place, so you need to make sure that your ceiling and floor can take the pressure! 

If you have false ceilings or ones which are extremely high, or would like to Pole Dance outside, we recommend you buy an X-Stage.

Call Soni or Alison on 0207 247 6693 or email for more info and to buy your pole.



Polepeople is an Authorized Seller of XPOLEs

The X-Pole

Polepeople sell the full range of X-Poles. Choose from the static XPole Sport or the static and spinning X-Pole Xpert, in Chrome, Gold, Brass, Stainless, Silicone [pink or black] or Powder Coated [pink or black] with either 40mm, 45mm or 50mm diameters.

All X-POLE products are supplied out of the box to fit ceiling heights from 2235mm (7’4″) to 2745mm (9′), however, if your ceiling height exceeds 2745mm, then you will have to purchase an extension and joint depending on the height that you are trying to reach. We can assist you with this!

Delivery costs £11.75 to UK mainland and your pole will usually be with you within 2 working days.



The X-Stage

There are 2 types of XPole Podium Stages – the X-Stage STANDARD with a high podium height or the X-Stage LITE, with a low podium height. 

The X-STAGE and X-STAGE LITE are Portable Pole Dancing Podiums that can be assembled in just a few minutes giving you the flexibility to take the stage wherever it suits you best. The X-STAGE stands alone and does not need to be secured to a ceiling thanks to a robust design that is strong enough to handle the most demanding of moves.

Choose from Chrome or Brass 40mm, 45mm or 50mm poles.

Delivery costs £60.00 to UK mainland and your pole will usually be with you within 2 working days.