Learn the mesmerising Art of Fan Dance with our exquisite, giant, ostrich feather fans!

Fan Dancing Party Class

This party class is taught by Burlesque legend Gwendoline Lamour who will teach you all the classic, curvaceous movements of one of the most glamorous props in Burlesque. 
Come and express your inner goddess as Gwen takes you through a fun and inclusive workshop culminating in a fully choreographed fan dance with our giant feather fans.
We want you to feel a million dollars as you discover your inner diva and explore this glamorous and stunning performance style, in a supportive and fun atmosphere!
You are allowed a tipple during this class, but we ask that this is kept well away from our beautiful fans as they are very special 🙂


1.5 hour class for groups of 5-10 people


1.5 hour class for groups of 11-25 people

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