Polepeople's teachers are renowned for being among the best in the pole dance fitness industry. Fun and friendly with exceptional pole skill, they are experts in pole dance for fitness and love sharing their skill with others.


Jai is an insanely experienced teacher, who has been working with Polepeople since 2006! With a background in professional dance and commercial choreography, she taught jazz and street dance before the stars aligned and she discovered pole with Polepeople at an event we did at Soho House. She teaches all levels from beginners to advanced as well as being the Master Trainer on our Instructor Courses.
She adores teaching pole and has inspired and encouraged thousands of students and teachers at Polepeople. Her fun, motivational teaching style together with her strict dedication to good technique, make her an extremely popular teacher who will push you to achieve moves and fitness levels you never thought possible.
She is also a fully qualified ETM Aerobic & Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer with her own online fitness portal, as well as an incredible vocalist who’s worked with Sir Elton John, Madonna, Sting, Jason Donovan, Bonnie Tyler and more. Her vocal skills are put to good use in class where you can literally hear her screams of encouragement half way down the street!!!


Julien is an incredibly experienced teacher and performer who’s classes are full of energy and fun. He loves boosting people’s confidence through pole and helping people achieve pole moves they never dreamed were possible. 
Julien has been poling for 8 years and teaching for 7 and has won many pole competitions including Male European PoleArt Champion and Doubles European PoleArt Champion 2018
His first ever pole experience was at one of our Pole Party classes at The Village in Soho for our late Instructor Queen Kirsty. Kirsty booked a class for her birthday with the whole cast of The Lion King when they were resident performers and that was the start of a whole new journey 
As well as being an established poler and aerialist in London’s Cabaret scene, Julien has been a professional dancer for 20 years with accolades including The Lion King, Wicked, The Nobel Peace Prize, Olympic Opening ceremony, The Royal Opera House and The English National Opera.


Jao has been a Polepeople Instructor since 2021 and specialises in delicious sensual flow, heels work and aerial tricks. She is a prolific performer in London’s cirque cabaret scene, performing in Bernie Dieter’s Kabaret, Sexquisite, Juicebox, Blackstage and our own very special Broken Doll Events.
Born in Thailand, she moved to Canada at aged 11 to study ballet and then came to the UK to do her BA in Ballet and Contemporary Dance at prestigious Rambert. Deciding that the regimented world of ballet was not for her, she joined Kings University to study maths and philosophy and it was at The Varsity Pole scene that she first discovered her passion for pole. 
Jao loves to share the freedom that pole has brought her in her classes. Pole dancing has allowed her to embrace her most authentic self and her pole journey has been one of empowerment, courage and freedom of expression. Jao loves to help her students have a similar experience.


Holly has been teaching at Polepeople for over a decade! A professionally trained dancer turned actor, she discovered pole when she landed a role playing an out of work ballerina who becomes a stripp3r. She joined Polepeople to train for the role and totally fell in love.
She’s since trained in hoop, corde lisse and silks and has had a myriad of roles where her aerial, performing and acting skills have combined, including playing a pole dancer in The Royal Opera House’s production of Handel’s ‘Theodora’ which received rave reviews.
In 2022 she became a Mum and in the same year qualified as a Nutritional Therapist. We’re so happy to have her teaching again. Holly loves helping people grow in strength and confidence and cheerleading them onwards in their pole journeys.


Guil joined The Polepeople Team in 2022 after completing our ‘Teaching Intermediate Pole’ Instructor Course. He was such a stand out candidate, we recruited him straight away! A former professional ballerina and musical theatre performer from Brazil, Guil has incredibly beautiful lines on the pole and is a deeply warm, empathetic teacher. He loves teaching technique and helping students find their own flow, making sure that there’s challenge as well as fun in all his lessons.
He first discovered pole as a creative alternative to the upper body workouts he was doing as a ballet dancer. But pole immediately became so much more than this. Pole to Guil is an art, a skill, a therapy; movement that transforms and allows people to connect to their inner selves. He loves teaching everyone from beginners to advanced.


Domi has been teaching and training at Polepeople since she moved to London from Poland in 2017. It’s been such a privilege seeing her grow into the teacher and performer she is today. Described by many as a ‘Movement Goddess’, Dominika combines incredibly difficult and technical moves on the pole with a mesmerising fluidity and deep sensuality.
Domi is an incredible performer, but it’s teaching and sharing her experience of the power of pole to connect and heal that is her passion. Her classes encourage students to connect to their bodies and free their movement without judgement. Through dedication to strength and technical training, you can develop the fluidity and smoothness that allows you to fully express yourself and your purpose. All this with fun, humour and lightness.
She has many pole accolades including winning all the pole comps she’s ever entered, but it’s helping her students deepening their own physical and spiritual movement connection that makes her the most proud. 


Annalisa joined the Polepeople Team after completing both our Instructor Courses after the pandemic. A professional circus artist and teacher who’s travelled all over the world, she discovered pole after working with silks and hoop and it became her favourite apparatus immediately. She loves sharing her passion for pole in her classes and creating the perfect balance between fun and challenge.
Born and raised in Panama by Italian parents, Annalisa came to London after touring in Ibiza, Nigeria, the US and Canada. Working with circus troupes has opened the doors to many experiences, including working as a magicians assistant in big illusion magic. She’s therefore also proud to be a professional at being cut into pieces and disappearing and magically reappearing again!!
Annalisa’s knowledge and experience of so many different aerial arts informs her teaching and she loves to help students progress on their own journeys with excellent technique. There’s always so much fun and laughter in her classes which makes her a very popular teacher. 


Ana has been a major part of the Polepeople team since 2006! She has an incredible wealth of experience working with students of all levels and an almost magical ability to offer the tweaks and suggestions that open up moves for everyone.
Originally a Samba and Salsa performer from Brazil, Ana now teaches pole, pilates and reformer pilates full time and has her own Reformer Pilates platform. She is also a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Buteyko breathwork advisor making her a walking encyclopedia of exercises that develop the strength and technique for practicing pole in ways that work for you and your body!
Despite all this technical knowledge, her classes are always full of fun and playfulness and she loves supporting students in their quest to make the most of their movement on the pole. 


Madeleine has been one of our team since after the pandemic when she took and smashed our Instructor course! She has spent her life pursuing her passion for movement, dance and fitness and is an extremely fun and nurturing teacher, who loves helping her students to unleash their personal self expression no matter your level, age and body type.
Since first starting ballet at 2, she’s loved exploring all forms of movement. As well as a professional pole instructor and rock climber, Madeleine works as an actress and movement artist for TV & Film and loves partner dancing and contemporary.  
Discovering pole has opened up a whole new world of movement and sensuality for Madeleine. Pole is not just a way of balancing strength, grace, flexibility and acrobatics, but also a unique outlet to explore deeply personal and sensual aspects of herself.


Alex’s very first experience of pole was at one of our Taster classes with Dominika in 2019! She joined a beginner course the next week and totally fell in love with pole. In 2022 she did our Instructor Course and joined the team shortly after.
Alex’s favourite style is is Sensual Flow as she loves the freedom of expression that pole dancing has allowed her to express and loves empowering her students to accept themselves and embrace their movement through pole. 
As well as being the most gorgeous teacher, Alex performs in London’s cabaret scene and was one of the artists selected for the first Blackstage Show, for which she is now a central member of the team, having been Production Manager for the last 2 incredible Shows.


Madeleine is a multidisciplinary Circus and Burlesque artist and performer who is a pole triple treat, specialising in Pole Dance, Chinese Pole and Aerial Pole! With her breath of experience in so many types of pole, she always has a quirky trick and transition up her sleeve and loves incorporating these into her classes.
Madeleine loves exploring the fusion of different pole styles in her teaching and performance work whilst always respecting and celebrating the stripp3r origins of pole dance.


She is a regular performer in London’s Burlesque and Cabaret scene and has won several competition titles including being part of the team that won IUPDC Nationals 2022. 
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